City of Lavonia, Georgia Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Lavonia WWTP

When the Georgia Environmental Protection Division reduced the wastewater discharge limits for Lavonia, Ga. to meet the required Total Mass Daily Load Federal requirements, ZEL evaluated alternatives and recommended a simple and economical upgrade using Constructed Wetlands for BOD and Ammonia reduction that did not reduce the City’s previous 1.3 MGD capacity.  We evaluated traditional treatment technologies as well as land application of treated effluent.  The costs of traditional treatment technologies were very high.  Cities in North Georgia have been budgeting three to four times our estimates to meet similar changes to their discharge limits.  Our solution in Lavonia includes a constructed wetland for tertiary treatment; backup chemical treatment for break-point chlorination reduction of ammonia; relocation of the discharge approximately 12,000 feet downstream; and a final 17 ft. cascade aerator to ensure dissolved oxygen is always high at the discharge.

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