Shadow Creek Subdivision – Phase III

ShadowCreek-061615 (8) Site


ZEL developed a complete site design for this phase of the Shadow Creek subdivision, which is located in Graniteville, SC.  This development consisted of 35 large residential lots along with all required infrastructure and a detention pond for storm water runoff control.  Working with the developer to obtain existing conditions survey data, ZEL developed a preliminary lot layout to utilize for the proposed final design.  Upon lot layout finalization, full design services were provided that included the following:

  • Developed a Grading and Drainage Plan
  • Performed a Hydrological Analysis for the pre-developed and post-developed site storm water runoff utilizing modeling software to generate Hydrographs to perform pond routing and size the drainage features (e.g. detention pond, storm piping, etc.)
  • Calculated water demand for the domestic water system
  • Provided the Erosion Control Design to include the SCDHEC required two-phase Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Developed Construction Plans and Specifications for all improvements
  • Submitted the Notice of Intent (NOI) and the NPDES checklist in order to obtain the land disturbance permit and coverage by SCDHEC
  • Coordinated with Aiken County Planning and Engineering Departments for plan documents submittal and approval
  • Provided the submittal package to SCDHEC to obtain the Water Permit for Construction
  • Provided Construction Support to the Owner
  • Performed periodic inspections of the constructed improvements
  • Provided weekly BMP inspections and reports

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