Wildwood Park Boating and Parking Facility

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Wildwood Park Boating and Parking Facility, Lake Thurmond, Columbia County Recreation Department.  The Wildwood Mega Ramp project is unique in the southeast because it separated the ramps into three groups of two.  Coupled with the large apron adjacent to the ramps, it is capable of rapid put-ins and as many as 300 boats have been launched in less than one hour.  Amateur and professional fishermen have praised the facility and soon after construction, it began to attract regional and national fishing events.  Presently, ESPN annually televises two national tournaments from this venue.


The facility accommodates over three hundred vehicles with boat trailers in the easy to navigate parking layout.  Floating docks between the ramps and a Tee dock assist the movement to and from the vessels.  The facility is lighted and setup with water and power to support competitive events.   A modern fish cleaning station is adjacent to the parking lot and a Pavilion and Restroom facilities are well placed near the activity areas.

ESPN has reported 5,000 attendees to their large tournaments (300 boats +/-).

At other times, the ramps are a place of tranquility where families can go put in their boats and have a great time.

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